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Anne Geddes my Pregnancy — New Issue

Media Release: February 23, 2012 in Print |

Nine contemporary stories of pregnancy and childbirth told by the women themselves
Gorgeously illustrated throughout with all new Anne Geddes photographs
At newsagents February 29, RRP $14.95
Distributed by Gordon and Gotch, Published by Geddes Group, ISSN 1839-2326

pregnant womanThe Autumn 2012 edition of Anne Geddes’ magazine, my Pregnancy: A Woman’s story, has been eagerly anticipated following the well-received first issue published late last year. The nine new stories, as personally told to Geddes by the pregnant women themselves, are filled with emotion: there’s joy and sadness, surprise and shock, fear and bravery, some are funny, many are raw, frustration and achievement are spoken of in equal proportion.

Any woman who ever had a baby, is planning to have one, or is already expecting one, will be entranced with the turning of every page in this coffee table-quality publication. These enlightening stories will be of interest to anyone who enjoys miracles and beautiful photography.

Stories in this Autumn 2012 issue of my Pregnancy include cover-girl Dini who takes us on her roller coaster ride through the depression she struggled with after suffering two miscarriages, to the triumphs of recovery, and a beautiful baby boy.

Rachel told her story in the first issue when her dream of a baby ended suddenly and inexplicably when her unborn baby’s heart stopped beating. Her new story is an emotional account of struggle with grief and loss, then delight at being pregnant again.

Abbie’s story is about IVF and, as she tells it, this is a life of seemingly endless tests and the interminable, soul-destroying waiting around for results. A delightful storyteller, Abbie’s patience is rewarded by a little bundle of red-headed joy called Molly.

From a childhood on the run through Sudan’s brutal civil war to security in Australia, Abang tells her story of ten years spent dodging bombs and bullets, the assassination of her politician father, and arriving here as a teenager, alone. An incredible journey leading full circle to the birth of her own child.

I have always been fascinated by elements of nature at the moment of transformation, Anne says. Babies are the human face of beginnings, but all of nature is caught in this insistent stream of seasons, of aging and rebirth, of concealment and bursting forth. Every time I unwrap a newborn — even after all these years of photographing them — I am aware of the miracle before me.

Each of the nine storytellers inspires Anne in a different way, reminding her of one of the simple elements of new life in nature, the intricate beauty of a bird’s nest or the delicacy of its eggs; or the glorious secrets revealed when a flower unfolds its tightly-wound petals; perhaps the miracle hidden in every chrysalis before it transforms into a magnificent butterfly. Anne expands on her visual metaphor to reveal surprising and illuminating juxtapositions of beginnings in nature and in humans.

Anne Geddes has featured twice on New York Times best-selling list, and her work has been published in 83 countries; more than 19 millions books sold worldwide.