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Girlosophy — INSPIRE by Anthea Paul

Media Release: November 3, 2011 in Print |

Anthea Paul is a best-selling author and photographer who is releasing the 9th book in the award-winning Girlosophy series
Published by girlosophy Books, 18 November 2011, RRP: $39.95
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INSPIRE young woman wearing blue shawl

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When you pick up a camera, you are symbolically and literally changing the direction of your focus and therefore reclaiming the power of your gaze. Looking outward at the world, rather than into the mirror let’s say, is a fundamentally important step in becoming empowered. This is INSPIRE: to me it is the essence of Girlosophy.

Girlosophy — INSPIRE is an art and photography book with a focus on travel and culture, for young women everywhere.

The latest book in Anthea Paul’s Girlosophy series, Girlosophy – INSPIRE was born from the idea that girls can use their creative sources — in particular art and photography — as an empowering tool. The book is for girls and young women aged from 14 to their mid twenties and beyond or really just anyone who is creatively curious.

As a visual journey that takes the reader across countries and experiences, Girlosophy – INSPIRE is designed to lift spirits, encourage thought and ignite a sense of adventure while
promoting a new way of seeing the world. Curated by COFA masters graduates Anthea Paul and Geraldine Mills, Girlosophy – INSPIRE is created as a oracle of ideas, details, moods, words and images to be dipped into, over and over.

From the Dalai Lama’s monks in India to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, the shrine at the Bali Memorial, a palm reader’s neon sign in Los Angeles and a moment on stage with Florence and the Machine; Girlosophy – INSPIRE fuses moments snatched through the lens into a stunning visual essay that lifts, as the title would suggest, and transcends as only a Girlosophy project can.

At the heart of INSPIRE is a call to action to become a participant in the many scenes that unfold around you on a daily basis. Becoming aware of your surroundings is
something that is at the core of photography. Observation is a process, not an event.

Noting that usually women are represented by media-generated appearances, Anthea Paul observes, I think girls inherently get the concept that they are regarded as ‘the object’
of society in general. Let’s face it: women look at women and men look at women, and popular culture continually reflects and endorses this idea of high materialism entwined with overt sexuality — the Kardashian era. I don’t think it’s healthy and I’m sure it’s undermining the confidence of girls and women generally.

Girlosophy specialises in the wellbeing of young women from all nationalities and faiths and encourages them to celebrate their individuality and to seek out unique pathways in life.

The bestselling and award-winning Girlosophy Series includes:

  • Girlosophy – A Soul Survival Kit (published in 2000)
  • Girlosophy – The Love Survival Kit (published in 2001)
  • Girlosophy – The Oracle (published in 2002)
  • Girlosophy – The Breakup Survival Kit (published in 2003)
  • Girlosophy – Real Girls Stories (published in 2004)
  • Girlosophy – Real Girls Eat (published in 2005)
  • Girlosophy – My Girlosophy (How to Write your Own Life) (published in 2006)
  • Girlosophy – The Girlosophy Travel Survival Kit (published in 2008)
  • Girlosophy – INSPIRE (to be published in November 2011)

Loved by young women all over the world, the international fan base of the Girlosophy books is testament to their enduring popularity and continuing relevance in the lives of girls
and young women everywhere.

Some of the celebrity fans of Girlosophy include Tina Turner, Minnie Driver, Britney Spears, Alicia Silverstone, Isabel Lucas and Deborah Mailman.

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