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Media Release: March 23, 2009 in Print |

Man with blue beardTRUNK BOOKS Volume 1: HAIR. Most of us are born with it. We cut it, grow it, shave it and colour it. It can lighten our mood or ruin our day. We treasure locks as keepsakes and write musicals on the subject, but what do we really know about HAIR? Provocative and inspiring, this new anthology takes an unprecedented view of the powerful, symbolic and sensuous properties of hair from antiquity to the present day.

From Medusa and Rapunzel, to human hairballs, Brazilians, monobrows and hairwork jewellery, this collection of art, interviews, poetry, short stories and essays celebrates the cultural and social significance and multifaceted nature of the protein known as hair. This stimulating collection showcases writers and artists from across the globe including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the USA, the UK, Iran, Japan and France.

Authors include Kerryn Goldsworthy, novelists Catherine Cole and Beth Spencer, non-fiction writer Dolla S. Merrillees, Rebecca Huntley, philosopher Cressida Heyes, curator and activist Djon Mundine, and medical writer Peter Hobbins. Internationally-recognised artists include Matthys Gerber, Fiona Lowry, Rolande Soliere, Deborah Kelly, and Lucy&Bart.

When he was taken from the earth and spread out on the mortician’s slab, the town was aghast. My great, great grandfather had hardly decayed at all. His glorious red hair was still as abundant and glossy as it had been on the day he died. Catherine Cole

In Islam, there is a hadith, or authoritative religious text, which states that those who have their eyebrows plucked, and those who do the plucking, e.g. beauticians, are cursed by Allah. Katrina Waite

HAIR will be launched at the Sydney Writers’ Festival 18–24 May, and is the first in the TRUNK series

Beautifully designed and produced, TRUNK BOOKS are anthologies of original essays, artworks, photography and fiction, which will be released as small, very high quality, limited edition volumes. Award winning designer Suzanne Boccalatte is the visuals editor and author and scholar Meredith Jones is the writing editor.

RRP $48.00 HB, PP 340 + pics inserts Boccalatte Pty Ltd, Sydney,

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